Variety preservation of Vossakvann

Here is a report from our work with two of three known remaining lines of Vossakvann.

First seed batch from ‘Teigdalen’

This year, the Teigdalen field was ready for the first selection and seed collection. We have a small field in addition that will be used to replace the plants that produce seeds and thus die this year. It was not ideal conditions for the seeds, because we struggled with a lot of Black aphids. But after a lot of cleaning and sieving, we achieved some usable deciliters.

Half of this is delivered to the norwegian seed saver association Kvann, as an extension of our collaboration on variety conservation of this plant. A portion also goes to a member of Sesam, which is Kvann’s sister organization in Sweden.

About half of the plants with the most filled stem were retained, 6-7 yielding usable seeds.
May 22. The sticks marks promising plants.
Vossakvann 'Teigdalen'
July 4. Some more sticks since some more plants were included based on how they developed.
Frø av vossakvann

Breeding field for ‘Markusteigen’

In the autumn of 2020, we established a field on Sørbråten farm which is located in a depression that is difficult to drain, but which is thus excellent for angelica. Wild angelica (Angelica sylvestris) is already growing there, a close relative with similar growth requirements. We laid down tarp to supress existing vegetation.

Avlsfelt for ‘Markusteigen’
During 2021, we have then gathered together the plants we had propagated and established a field with about 4-500 plants of various sizes. These will probably start producing seeds from next year. The idea is that with so many individuals we can select very strictly, ie only keep plants with a completely filled stem. If it turns out to be almost none, we must be satisfied with 90% or something like that. It will be exciting to see.

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