Autumn just as important as spring in the garden

We recommend everyone to plant the sunchokes and the chorogi in September, no later than mid-October, so it can begin to settle and develop some roots. The same goes for garlic and other onions. This greatly increases survival.

Autumn is important, not only because it’s time to harvest the crop, and even stretching the growing season with tunnels, etc., but also to prepare for the next season. Now is the best time to work the soil, add compost so it can brake down further and feed the soil during winter. And there are many species that are best planted or sown in the fall. There are many gardeners who think that when autumn comes, then thats it for this year. But the good thing is that there is a lot of heat stored in the soil, and it lasts longer than many people think.

For most people, this is a less stressful time than spring and summer, and I personally think it is good to summarize and contemplate my relationship with the garden as the weather and light change slowly towards winter.

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