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We assume that most people who use our websites have the best intentions, use common sense and are otherwise keen to insert themselves into the policies we need to develop to safeguard both your and our interests. But bi-o.no is an open site and we have no way of weeding away claimants in advance.

We have prepared the documents the law requires of us to protect your rights: privacy statement (including statement on the use of cookies) and terms of sale in relation to the online store. We expect that you are familiar with these types of documents, and we have put them up as close as possible to standards developed by the authorities so that you do not have to deal with anything unusual here.

Similarly, we need some guidelines to protect our own interests (although this is not required by law to develop), but we develop that as time goes by.

And finally: thank you for your interest in us and our websit! We hope that we can build a constructive collaboration for mutual joy and benefit.

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