Sunchoke ‘Dagnøytral’

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This is the sunchoke variety for far northern latitudes! Nordic landrace.

3-5 set tubers

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Helianthus tuberosus

This is the variety for far northern latitudes! “Dagnøytral” means “day neutral” directly translated. Day neutrality is a plant property that makes plants less photosensitive, ie the number of hours of light does not mean much for flowering time and tuber formation. Most sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke) varieties are photosensitive, and the further north (or south on the southern hemisphere), the greater the risk that the tuber formation starts too late due to the long days, and the growth is stopped by cold weather. This variety is the only one we know of that blooms and sets tubers regardless of the the day length . This is also a rich giving variety. The tuber shape can make it somewhat difficult to get rid of all soil residues, if you do not just break off the side tuber where it happens.

Read about cultivation here.

NB! We do not replace tubers with minor damage.

We do not manage to detect absolutely all minor damage during handling and packaging, and this has no significance for the vitality, and Sunchokes rather becomes a weed problem if there are pieces left from last season.

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 5 cm

3 – 5 set tubers, according to size