Sunchoke ‘Cambridge’

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Canadian landrace with slight tendency to form side tubers. Few and large tubers, and relatively rich giving. Somewhat late tuber setting.

3-5 set tubers

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Canadian landrace that originates from the Canadian and the Danish (Nordic) gene bank. The tubers have been tested in the Norwegian climate under the auspices of Nibio in a research project funded by the Research Council of Norway (KMB Project number: 1910105, completed 2011).

Nibio’s conditions also apply to Bi-O AS and to buyers of the product, and entails

1) that they are to keep their names from the gene bank, ie only code names (letters and numbers), in any dissemination of tubers, and are not sold or distributed under other names

2) that if the material is to be used in connection with processing, this must be agreed with the original gene bank (s) the material originates from.

Contact the Canadian National Genebank Plant Gene Resources of Canada  or Nibio, Landvik

Read about cultivation here.


NB! We do not replace tubers with minor damage.

We do not manage to detect absolutely all minor damage during handling and packaging, and this has no significance for the vitality, and Sunchokes rather becomes a weed problem if there are pieces left from last season.

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