Tree onion ‘Dømmesmoen’, top-sets

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Cross between cepa onion and spring onion. Delicate variety that is very little attacked by rust fungi.

5-10 top set onions

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Allium × proliferum

Tree onions are a cross between common cepa onion (Allium cepa) and spring onion (Allium fistulosum), which occurs spontaneously or from active breeding and is a sterile hybrid. It has a larger onion base than spring onions, but far smaller than kepa, and is mostly used in the same way as spring onions. Throughout the season, clusters of top onions form, which begin to shoot, and so it can continue for several levels. That is why it is also called “etasjeløk” in norwegian: from etasje = floor. Eventually it becomes top heavy and bends towards the ground. Then the bulbs often settle down and form roots, and so it continues down into the garden. That is why it is also called “Walking onion” in English. In addition, for some reason it is also called “egyptian onion”. In the Nordic countries, the term “pensioner onion” is used, because you can harvest the top onions even if you start to struggle with bending down.

This one originates from the south of Norway, but exactly where is uncertain. We have given it the name ‘Dømmesmoen’ in honor of a beautiful plant collection in Grimstad, from which we have it. It will have that name here until someone builds a large collection of known origins and pays for a genetic analysis…

The variety is characterized by standing almost the entire season without being particularly attacked by rust fungus, so it is delicate all the time. But on the other hand it is more tender than most, and shorter and less vigoruos. In addition, it tends to shoot shots from the top bulbs very quickly.

This is the “stainless” favorite here in Maridalen (Oslo).

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