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Allium ursinum L.

Ramsons has for some reason become the wild plant that “everyone” wants to get hold of. This threatens wild populations, and in protected areas foraging is now forbidden. Therefore, it can be a good idea to grow your own. It works well if you have a moist place, preferably with shade or semi-shade and loose soil rich in organic matter. We sell tubers in autumn and spring.


5-10 onion bulbs

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Once you get a good start with a field, it will self-sow. If you choose to collect seeds to drive forward, remember that chives must be double-stratified to germinate: first a warm period, then cold/frost. It releases the seeds relatively early, so it is set for there to be a lot of summer left after the seeds have hit the ground and taken up moisture and started their processes.

To avoid killing the plants, you should only pick one leaf from each plant. NB! This certainly applies if you collect it in wild populations!

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