Blackcurrant ‘Narve Viking’

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Very good and hardy cultivar.

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Name Narve Viking
Breeder Johannes Øydvin
Year 1991
Parent cultivars 1 Ben Tron
Parent cultivars 2 SCRI C2/1/62
History Selected as seedling S 3/187-94, and planted out in a clone test in 1995. Tested as N 14, and registered with the Plant Variety Board 1997-10-30
Norw. rights list 2000-14-12
  no longer listed
Vitamin C high (>200 mg/100 g versus around 80 for Kristin)
Juice color good
Growth habit upright
Disease resistance powdery mildew and leaf drop diseases
Performance extra rich
General assessment very promising for both commercial cultivation and in small gardens

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