Victory onion

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We sell 100 portions of 20 seeds from this year’s production, but there will be no sale of plants in the 2023 season.

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We started selling set onions in the autumn of 2021, and have experienced such great demand that it has reduced the stock a little too much. That is why we have a break in the sale of onions, but offer seeds as far as they last until the autumn of 2023, so that we can propagate properly. We have also started bringing in new plants from other populations in Lofoten, and will continue to do so. If anyone knows of populations from which we could get some plants to increase the genetic breadth, we would be grateful for tips. Please send us a message via the contact form.

About victory onion

Allium victorialis L.



Seiersløk is a hardy perennial onion that spreads and produces a lot of leaves with a nice onion taste, good for many things.

Here are pictures from propagation at Sørbråten in Maridalen.

Seiersløk klare for planting
Ready for planting. Important to dig deep holes/furrows and plant deep.
Seirsløk felt
Field well established. Each plant divides over time.

Seed propagation

Should be sown approx. 0.5 cm deep in a pot with ordinary potting soil in the autumn and put in a cool place, preferably outside protected from rain.

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