Peppermint ‘Ansofs Favoritt’

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Spesielt frisk og god peppermynte fra Ansofs samling i Tvedestrand.

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The one we have originates from Ansof’s (Anne Sofie Christophersen’s) herb garden in Tvedestrand, and came to us via the network in KVANN.

Nice documentary about Ansof on NRK


Mentha x piperita L.



Peppermint is a collective term for a large and confusing group of spearmint and watermint hybrids. It is good fresh and as a flavoring, or dried for tea.


There are more than 2,000 named hybrids between various combinations of the roughly 20 species in the mint genus. Since the species interbreed so easily, new combinations will emerge in gardens multiple species and hybrids. This has led to a situation with a lot of conflicting information about names and which species are included.

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