Garlic ‘Sabadrome’

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We are awaiting to start sales of garlic, except those grown from seed, due to on-going political process with new legislation concerning plant health.

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This was the first garlic we grew, after buying it from Norgro around 2010.


A softneck type that has been grown to some extent in Norway, and works well in Maridalen, Oslo.


Allium sativum L.



Garlic evolved in central Asia, and is found in two main groups:

  • hardneck which forms top sets
  • softneck which does not form a top sets, but often one or more “intermediate sets” in the middle of the stem if the plant is allowed to stand for a long time

Wikipedia writes (as of Nov-23) that hardneck is an accepted botanical variety, but according to GBIF it is now included under Allium sativum L., and the name Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon (Link) Döll has synonym status. That softneck is considered an accepted variety is, however, correct: Allium sativum var. sativum L. The article further mentions Allium longicuspis Regel as the wild form, but it is now also included under Allium sativum L.

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