Damson from Vestfold

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Damsons is an interesting plum to have in the garden for those who like a slightly grown-up taste and perhaps also adding plums to alcohol.

We have just started propagation, and have a few plants in 2023.

We also offer taste samples in the form of 5 plums in season.

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The variant we have originates from Vestfold. It is not a well-known cultivar, but it produces a wealth of strikingly fresh and fine plums every year, and the plant is also very robust and healthy.


Prunus domestica subsp. insititia (L.) Bonnier & Layens



Damsons has been used as a rootstock for plums, and there are many cultivars around Europe and not least in the north.

Kreke har vært brukt som grunnstamme for plommer, og det finnes mange kultivarer rundt om i Europa og ikke minst i norden.The taste is not among the sweetest, and the fruits are relatively small, but they are well suited to jam and plum liqueur. In the latter case, it is best to take them just before they are ripe and leave them on the alcohol for at least 2 years. Slivovitz is made from this plum.

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