Bunching onion ‘Salatnyj 35’

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We sell bundles of plants that are easy to divide, as well as seeds.

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We have grown this for many years together with other chives, but we pinch off all the flowers from all varieties other than the one we harvest from seed each year.

The cultivar, which in some places is also written ‘Salatny 35’, originally originates from Ukraine and has come to us via Stephen Barstow around 2015, based on accessions from IPK Gatersleben.





Allium fistulosum L.


Chives are a perennial, hardy plant usually with a straight shape and little or no round bulb at the base. There are essentially two main types, unbranched and with, and in English the terms “welch onion” (which has nothing to do with Wales) and “japanese bunching onion” sometimes correspond to these, but the use of the term is not consistent. It divides during the season and is therefore easy to reproduce vegetatively by dividing and spreading in a new field. It is also easy to propagate from seed. There are many cultivars, perhaps especially in Asia where it originally comes from and is used on a large scale. In Gudbrandsdalen there is a tradition of growing them on south-facing turf roofs.

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