Blackcurrant ‘Ben Tron’

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Vi leverer enkeltplanter i perioden mai-september eller vedstiklinger tidlig vår.

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Bi-O har fått levert oppformeringsmaterialet fra Sagaplant.

Name Ben Tron
Breeder James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK (tidl. SCRI)
Parent cultivar 1 Vistavotnjaja x (Mendip Cross’x R. dikuscha) x (Goliath x Øjebyn)
Parent cultivar 2 Westra
History Somewhat the same background story as Ben Nare. Good results from Kise led them to contact Rex Brennan to give name to the variety. This happened at the time Johannes Thorsrud was about to retire from Kise, and the naming was a “retirement gift” from SCRI to him. Arnfinn Nes suggested several names, and the breeder chose ‘Ben Tron’, which the variety received in 1992.
Listet Like Ben Nare, Ben Tron has also not been officially approved for the Norw. cultivar list. (source 2)
Commercial prod.
Berry size Large
Vitamin C
Juice colour
Growht habit upright
Disease resistance
Performance High
General assessment

The data set is under development based on the sources:

  1. International Blackcurrant Association
  2. NIBIO: Om ribes-sortene (publ. Skog og Landskap)
  3. NLR: Felles frukt og bær, Kursserie om økologisk frukt og bærproduksjon

Ripens approx. a week before Narve Viking with us, and is almost without the astringent aftertaste, for those who prefer it.

See the product images for comparison when Ben Tron is mature.



Ribes nigrum L.



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