Black salsify ’Libochovicky’

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A very good black salsify from the Czech Republic.

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‘Libochovicky’ is a Czech cultivar from which we in 2020 received seeds from a colleague there, Marek Kvapil (, and in the summer of 2023 we harvested seeds from it for the first time after it had been allowed to stand for two seasons. We have therefore not made any selection this first time, and it is to ensure the greatest possible genetic breadth in this first set of seeds. We then picked up the roots and we think the result is so good that we choose to put these seeds up for sale so that others can help develop and maintain the cultivar. We then select the best roots for new seed production next year, at the same time we sow a large field (minimum 1000 plants) to be able to make a new selection, with a minimum of 100 optimal roots for seed production in 2025 and 2026.

Entry in the Czech gene bank


Pseudopodospermum hispanicum subsp. hispanicum 

syn. Scorzonera hispanica L.


Black salsify is a perennial root vegetable that is grown as such and the roots are considered by many to be a delicacy. But the leaves and flowers can also be used raw or processed. The plant is an accumulator plant (which draws up minerals from deeper soil layers), and the cultivation also contributes to deep tillage, both due to deep absorption and because the roots leave vertical channels that make the earthworm’s work easier. Flowering over a long period of time also makes it a good insect plant.

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