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Sale started saturday November 25 2023

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Ordering Bi-O Stock’s original drawing and associated box

The value of the original drawing is NOK. 5,000 incl. VAT, but you choose the price you want to pay (as long as there are items left in stock), because we have a social profile in the project so that everyone can participate.

The drawings are produced continuously and delivered within 30 days of ordering, so that the conditions of the Purchase Act are met.

The box is an additional bonus you get when you buy an original drawing. All boxes must, due to the integrity of the work, stay in the workshop until the entire work is exhibited in May 2024.

The purchase is withdrawn via Vipps upon delivery and adds Bi-O liquidity for use according to the plan shown here.

Drawing right

Everyone who buys an original drawing and receives a box also gets a drawing right, and an obligation, to buy one share worth NOK 1000 per year in five annual rounds, the first time at an event in May 2024 in Maridalen.

If you do not wish to complete the entire run, the original drawing, the box, shares and thus the right and obligation to draw can be sold to a third party. In that case, this must be reported to the board, and other shareholders then have a right of first refusal.

The buyer accepts the above by ordering the original drawing, and through subsequent email confirmation.

There is only one box per buyer.

Welcome to the team at Bi-O!

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