Plant delivery

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For 2023, we are trying a new arrangement for us, where we open for orders of plants from around March 15, and then deliver according to the plan below. Then we can have a better opportunity to adjust the increase slightly according to demand and also plan the liquidity, which is important because we are still in a start-up phase with often very tight liquidity.

Purchases in the online store will lead to a reservation with Vipps for 180 days, i.e. for this entire period, but we do not deduct the amount until we have delivered.

This means that you may have to calculate some waiting time.

NB! We will try to collect so that there is a maximum of one dispatch per customer in the spring and one in the autumn. But it is clear that we are flexible here as needed.

We send plants on Mondays to reduce the possibility of them being left in the post over the weekend. If there is a lot of traffic, we will prioritize those who have to travel a long way, and if necessary take the rest on Tuesday.

Delivery schedule per 2023-03-17:

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