We at Bi-O do not only work with plants, we want to be able to supply as much of what is needed to build local food safety systems, including computer systems and physical facilities and equipment, and preferably as much as possible in-house produced. Our goal is for us all to become more self-reliant and live active lives developing and maintaining our own cultivation systems. Both because it is good for the planet, and because it is fun and meaningful in itself.

Therefore, we will start planing to build a workshop where creative people with an interest in tinkering and design can develop their own projects and contribute to those we start, all while sharing tools and production machines.

We have a large Shopboottools 3-axis milling machine, table circular saw, band saw, etc. to start with, but need to find a place where we can build production premises (possibly renting to begin with).

A product area that will be important for us is element-based building systems, and we have a system called KYY that can be used to build facilities for both the makerspace and for everything else we need of production facilities in our farming projects (for example the one we hope to establish on the Longfield).

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