KYY microhouse system

KYY is a element based construction system for homes and other small buildings which anyone can assemble, modify and repair. Just like a piece of furniture it comes with adjustable supports, minimizing the need for ground preparation. The elements can all be carried and handled by two persons, eliminating the need for cranes or heavy equipment, making localization even far away from roads possible.

  • Think of it as a mobile structure with all the same qualities as fixed ones, giving you the owner the freedom to choose.
  • Think of it as a commodity you purchase for the correct price of production, avoiding overpricing in the local market just because the building is fixed to a particular address. An object you own and can take with you whenever you like.
  • You can also easily modify and sell left over elements and parts. We plan to develop a marketplace for that, to facilitate a community of owners, developers and local producers of elements and parts.

The core structure

The system is designed for two different section widths: 240 and 360 cm (inner space), which uses 15 or 20 element types for the main envelope of the building. This section can be repeated limitlessly lengthwise.

Element thickness (insulation)

  • Roof: 30 cm
  • Wall: 20 cm
  • Floor: 25 cm

Minimum unit

The smallest meaningful unit you can build is using 3 pieces of floor 240 elements, which gives an inner area of 4,3 Sq m, and has one single wall element in the length direction (actually in this particular configuration the side facades are longer than what normally would be the long facades).

Exterior, openings, plan etc

What is showed so far is a schematic illustration of the principles and sizes of the systems main structure: the elements needed to create an insulated enclosed space with the necessary support structure to carry people, inner walls, furniture and stuff, and loads from wind and snow.

The rest is up to you, within some necessary technical parameters:

  • room plan
  • windows and doors
  • terrasse and/or winter garden
  • bathroom and kitchen
  • storage space

We will provide some standard variations to choose from, but you may also create your own and either build the necessary elements yourself, or order them custom produced from one of our local partners.

The wall elements needs outer cladding to protect the materials from water. There will be many “skins” to choose from, or again; make it yourself.

Initially we will offer two kinds of roofs: a floating roof extending outside the walls, and a minimalist matching the shape including wall cladding exactly.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities for personal or local design preferences, and also to refurbish locally sourced materials.


KYY can be used for many kinds of purposes, from a modern comfortable living unit to a simple shed, even without walls. For more permanent solutions, the adjustable support may of course be replaced by a foundation, with or without a cellar.

  • tiny house living unit
  • sauna
  • workshop and / or office
  • sheds for wood or tools etc.
  • seed processing and storage unit
  • greenhouse and plant propagation unit
  • food storage unit
  • mini KYY factory

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