All our sales take place via the online store

Our purchasing process is technically dependent on orders being created via the online store for shipping and payment to be correct. In the beginning we must follow only one standard procedure in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. We can therefore not create orders manually for you. But we are happy to help you out with anything you might ask:

How to use the online store?

  1. Select products and quantity on the product pages as normal
  2. Choose shipping options (from Bring shipping) in your shopping cart
  3. Choose payment solution: vipps or card payment (via Stripe)
  4. Check that you know the content of our Privacy statement and Terms of sale
  5. Place order

We always deliver on Monday or tuesday morning to avoid packages being left in the system over the weekend, but cannot guarantee whether Bring will be able to avoid this.

What happens after this

NB! Payment only leads to reservation of amount. The actual move takes place only when we have delivered. If we do not complete the delivery, we will not complete the order and ask you what we should do.

If we end up canceling, the amount will be released at the payment intermediary (tip or strip) and thus appear in your account as if you had not shopped with us.

We always deliver on Monday or no later than Tuesday morning to avoid packages being left in the system over the weekend, but can not guarantee whether Bring will be able to avoid this in all cases. Shipments to Northern Norway are prioritized due to this consideration.

As we place the order for processing and start packing, the following happens automatically:

  1. you will receive an email that we are processing the order
  2. the order is transferred to our accounting system
  3. where an invoice is created which you can then access via a link in a separate email
NB! It is important that you do not pay this invoice. It is only documentation, and you have already paid in the online store and we get the money in our account upon completion of delivery.

Your rights

Our first priority is for you to experience that it is safe to shop in our online store. Therefore, we only use secure payment solutions, ensure that the website is secure in general with security certification and best practice, and otherwise follow the Consumer Council’s recommendations. This is integrated into our Privacy statement and Terms of sale .

If you are not satisfied or experience a problem, just get in touch through the customer service form or by responding to emails you have received in connection with the purchase, and we will find out of it.

Where do we sell?


We currently deliver only within in Norway.

Vi recommend Bring Pakke i postkassen (Package to the mailbox), possibly with Pose på døren (Bag at the door) in most cases. Applies to packages up to 2 kg (currently 4 kg as an exception due to corona measures) More info at

The Nordic area: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe Islands

We are currently working to get everything in place with regard to customs, plant certificates, etc., and we hope to be able to do so by 2022.

The rest of the world

Selling plants outside the Nordic region will probably be difficult, but we will aim to sell seeds to as many people as possible.