How to use the online store?

  1. Select products and quantity in the product list, or inside the product pages in the usual way.
  2. Select currency on the front page, or inside each product. The currency selector’s rates are updated daily using the service
  3. Choose shipping options in your shopping cart. Your location is detected using the MaxMind service and this is used to suggest shipping options. You can manually change the address to see other options and maps for pickup locations.
  4. Choose payment solution: vipps is shown for customers in Norway only, card payment via Stripe for everyone.

We always deliver on Monday or tuesday morning to avoid packages being left in the system over the weekend, but cannot guarantee whether Bring will be able to avoid this.

Where do we sell?


Vi recommend Bring Pakke i postkassen (Package to the mailbox), possibly with Pose på døren (Bag at the door) in case your mailbox is full. Applies to packages up to 2 kg (currently 4 kg as an exception due to corona measures) More info at

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe Islands

Bring Pickup Parcel is recommended. The price is the same up to 20 kg.

The rest of the world

We do not currently sell to countries outside the Nordic region via the online store. Get in touch for an offer.

Import restrictions regarding seeds or plant material to your country

You are welcome to shop, and we pack and ship, but if the package is stopped at customs in your country and refused to be handed over due to import restrictions, it is on your risk, and we will not refund your purchase. By shopping in our online store, you accept this.

We would have liked to have built into the system an automatic barrier when it comes to this, but we have not found a solution for that yet.

Norway Post has a lookup service where you can search by land and check. The service is only in Norwegian, so use google translate or similar. We cannot guarantee that the info is always up to date, so it is best to check local information.

See also our general sales terms.