Culton X

Bi-O has established the company Culton X AS to create a web service to facilitate the growing and exchange of biological propagation material between everyone who is involved in one way or another in agriculture, forestry and eventually also aquaculture.

As the name implies, this project is related to the Culton project in the sense that the user database as the backbone of generic information about the biological material being recorded. The difference between the projects is that all information in Culton X is about actual physical material and not just generic (encyclopedic) data.

The aim of the platform is to increase access to genetic diversity, and at the same time to inform about and incorporate consideration of it at all stages

  • health requirements
  • import/export restrictions
  • ownership rights
  • requirements regarding the maintenance of cultivars, breeds and strains

Structure and function

This project will be a separate web service consisting of three modules;

  • inventory: overview of which cultivars the user has in their cultivation systems, including seeds, plants and animals,
  • project: planning and management of cultivation, both for consumption and for propagating material, with accurate data on the latter
  • catalogue: offering and ordering of propagating material between users, with system for logistics and economy

Who can use Culton X?

CultonX will be open to everybody:

  • individuals/households
  • member organisations
  • businesses
  • public and private institutions

Due to the challenges of incorporating the health considerations etc., the platform will initially only be available for exchange within each jurisdiction separately. Then the plan is to implement solution for cross border exchange by responsibly by automatically providing correct information. For example if a norwegian user wants to get seed potato from someone abroad, the system will prevent that exchange, since private import of potato to Norway is strictly prohibited.

Ownership and partnership

Culton X is owned by, developed and maintained by Culton X AS.

Culton Foundation (under establishment) and Culton X AS cooperates closely on the basis of a cooperation agreement, which secures that Culton gets all needs concerning data harvesting and technical support covered, and that Culton X is guaranteed the right to use the Culton database as a backbone to be able to serve those needs.

Status and next step

Here are some screenshots from how it looks per August 2022, developed for WordPress. Culton X aims at launch during 2024 on, then mainly on another platform, but eventually with add-ons for WordPress as part of its product range. A mobile app for the system will also be developed.

The user searches for the cultivar and activates it to their inventory list in order to work with it further.

The system has a catalog where users can post offers of propagating material in the form of seeds, cuttings etc.
Here you can search in various ways and order directly.
And the user who has received orders can easily handle them from their profile so that the entire system is updated on status.

Sist oppdatert 2023-11-14 av Bi-O