A minute with nature

Here are some meditations lasting about a minute.

No cinematic ambitions, that’s not the point. Just done with a handheld mobile with pretty bad camera. The point is only that it gives a pleasure to observe a phenomenon in nature in a single minute. It is enough to feel that you have noticed something. Most often it is completely so-called insignificant things that are just there and that we often overlook. And also you may have captured more to think about when you see the result than what you focused on when you filmed. Such as the soundscape… the wind, my steps, maybe my own breathing, car traffic, train traffic… all the hustle and bustle of human activity on this little stone ball we are living upon.

Prairie onions provide a wealth of beautiful flowers that last a long time.

Aglais io or European peacock is called Dagpåfugløye (Day peacock) in Norwegian.

The leaves of mints are not as good as in june in late summer, but that is when the insects have their party.

I like this one, great to see the butterflies dancing. Perhaps they get a little intoxicated by the scents of the flowers.

This year I finally got to grow chamomile for the evening tea. I can promise it is a different quality than most you can buy. Notice the soundscape. I live between a road and a train line (and a creek in fact, though you don’t here that one here I think). It is also only there all the time, but somehow get a different perspective contrasted with these flowers that live and live and produce a sea of flowers just a few days after I picked everything they had .