A garden for learning and experimentation

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Bi-O has been so lucky since 2016 to be able to use a appr. 0,5 acre (ca 2000 m2) field at Sørbråten Gård in Maridalen. The soil has been improved by a steady supply of organic material in the form of compost and livestock manure, and we now have a good starting point for the next phase: a combination of demonstration and display garden and a field for experimentation with farming methods.

The beginning in spring 2016

The field had been a lawn for about 15 years, and it had to be broken. The solution was several rounds with a rotary harrow, and a seemingly infinite number of rounds with rakes and wheelbarrows to collect the peat in compost heaps. We will never use that method again! (See further down on the use of tarp.)

The idea was to create a garden with many different shapes and spaces, so that we avoided those endless rows with the same plant, which easily becomes boring to both experience and work with.

Here is a series of pictures taken from up by the round horse enclosure in the east:


Expansion and use of tarp