New garlic cultivars from Maridalen

We have the great pleasure to present two completely new cultivars (=varieties) of hardneck garlic, which are the first selection from the plants that have emerged from the seeds Ivan Buddenhagen sent us in 2017. Unlike imported cultivars, which involve the risk of introducing viral diseases, there is no such risk when growing from seed. Thus, we can freely promote and sell these. And we are happy to share them with everyone who is passionate about building the ecologically based food security systems of the future.

Allium sativum L. ‘Ivan Maridalen 1’

This was selected because it was by far the largest (approx. 5.5 cm diameter of the bulb) and tallest (approx. 120 cm) plant, despite relatively many cloves. Few cloves is of course desirable, but here size had to get priority. The cultivar has small top sets, like most porcelain types, so they need three years until fully grown bulbs.

We are selling a few top sets to enthusiasts this year.

Allium sativum L. ‘Ivan Maridalen 2’

This second one was selected because it was the one with the largest clove and the largest top sets, in fact close to the rocambole types. The first is an obvious quality in the kitchen because it means less work, the second an advantage in terms of growing from top sets, because second-year onions can become significantly stronger when the top set is already large. This may result in mature bulb already within two years. We just have to continue growing and see how it performs.

We are selling a few top sets to enthusiasts this year.

Growing gralic from seed, there is a big difference in bulb size, number of cloves, height, top bulb size and how powerful the seed plants are. NB! we haven’t had time to continue Buddenhagen’s breeding work, by removing top bulbs as early as possible in the season, so in the picture here you only see the result as it is without intervention. Nevertheless, many of the varieties already have far stronger seed plants than in most of the established cultivars we have grown so far (about 30).

In the picture above, “Ivan Maridalen 1” and “Ivan Maridalen 2” are respectively the first and the seventh from the left. In the picture below, “Ivan Maridalen 1” is at the bottom left and “Ivan Maridalen 2” just above (the pieces of paper refer to the order in the picture above).

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