CULTON – An information source for the world’s useful species

After three years of development, Bi-O are pleased to launch the CULTON Foundation, a non-profit Norwegian-registered foundation that will develop the first complete overview of plant cultivars and animal breeds. We are also introducing a reformed systematics and naming rules for the cultured organisms, with the Dutch systematists who have developed this on board.

The hope is to contribute to the work with the very basis of food production, the genetic resources, becoming more efficient so that we can develop better information systems and tools to adapt to climate change and ensure the production of food and other nature-based useful products.

We need a minimum of NOK 100,000 to establish the foundation so that the project can get started.

Read all about the project here:

Welcome onboard!

(Our first crowfunding during the winter 2022/23 brought in appr. NOK 7000, and now we are going to raise the money via Bi-O Stocks)

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